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Daily Archives: September 29, 2022

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Michelle Bagnato, of Good Culture Consulting, Curates Corporate Philanthropy Programs & Initiatives That Align with a Company’s Mission, Values & Budget

The focus of Good Culture Consulting is to help businesses enhance their company culture by creating customized community engagement programs and events that are mission aligned, enrich business values and drive positive change, with the added benefits of an inspired workplace and greater employee engagement.

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Brett Henderson, Founder, Strategic Wealth Endeavor, Inc. Announces The Wealth & Business Consulting Solution that Veteran Business Owners Are Searching For

Strategic Wealth Endeavor, Inc. is an Independent wealth and business consulting firm dedicated to serving the veteran entrepreneur community. As a veteran himself, founder Brett Henderson, AIF(R), BFA(TM), CEPA(R), CRPS(R), CIMA(R), CLU(R), CPFA(R) understands the unique needs of veteran entrepreneurs. He has worked hard to