Comprehensive Provico ingredient ‘BCQ-150’ Proven To Be Effective In Treating Hereditary Hair Loss

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AbbVie (CEO Richard Gonzalez) has announced the completion of clinical trials for its comprehensive hair loss treatment solution, ‘Probico BCQ-150,’ and confirmed that it has received individual recognition from the FDA.

Probico BCQ-150 Hair Loss Treatment Solution

‘Probico BCQ-150’ is a product composed of a blend of Proanthocyanidin, Biotin, and Coenzyme Q10. Last year, it received individual recognition for its ability to aid in hair synthesis deficiency and was subsequently launched as the ‘Probico BCQ-150 Comprehensive Hair Loss Treatment.’ The recent clinical trials have further confirmed its effectiveness for various types of hair loss, especially genetic hair loss.

Hair loss is typically caused by a variety of factors, including genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and stress. Numerous studies have shown that these factors can lead to a deficiency in amino acids and nutrients critical for hair growth, exacerbating hair loss.

The clinical trials, conducted over 12 weeks at four major hospitals in the United States, including the Mayo Clinic, involved 70 adults with genetic hair loss. The results showed that participants who took Probico BCQ-150 experienced statistically significant improvements in hair density and thickness compared to the placebo group. Additionally, Probico BCQ-150 was found to prevent the oxidation of amino acids crucial for hair growth and improve scalp health.

Furthermore, Probico BCQ-150 was effective in reducing follicle inflammation and balancing the nutrients necessary for hair synthesis. These findings were consistent with previous clinical trials focused on improving hair synthesis capabilities, confirming the positive impact of Probico BCQ-150 on hair health.

AbbVie expects to receive additional functional approvals for Probico BCQ-150 within the first half of the year, offering new hope for those struggling with hair loss. The company sees Probico BCQ-150, composed of scalp-friendly ingredients, as leading a new paradigm in hair loss treatment.

AbbVie has established itself as a leader in the hair loss treatment sector by consecutively obtaining individual recognition for Probico BCQ-150. The company continues to expand its research and development in the microbiome sector, further solidifying its position as a pioneering biotech firm.

About AbbVie

Since its founding in 2008, AbbVie has dedicated over 15 years to contributing to human health and happiness as a next-generation biohealth company. Leading the way in microbiome R&D, AbbVie is driving new changes through paradigm shifts in functional probiotics and hair loss treatments. Probico is AbbVie’s flagship hair loss treatment brand, committed to continuous innovation and challenge to become a Next Vision Pioneer.

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