Democratization Of Investing: How CNBC Pro Empowers Retail Investors With Exclusive Insights And On-Demand Videos, Valuable Tools

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By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

CNBC Pro has a Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer of three months for $59.99, which renews into $299.99 annually, or a one year for $199.99, renewing into $299.99 annually.

The stock market has witnessed a surge in the number of investors in recent years, thanks in part to the increasing accessibility of trading platforms. According to a survey conducted by Charles Schwab, during the COVID-19 pandemic, 15% of new investors began investing in the stock market in 2020. The availability of user-friendly online trading platforms that made it easier for individuals to buy and sell stocks as well as the democratization of investing through the widespread use of social media and online stock communities have played a significant role in attracting retail investors. Retail investor participation in the U.S. stock market hit an all-time high in early 2023, making up no less than 23% of total trading volume between January 25 to February 1 reflecting the increasing influence of the individual investor.

Goldman Sachs' derivatives team found that the dollar value of small-lot trades, which is considered a proxy for retail trades, has risen by 85% over the past year. Not to mention, research firm VandaTrack reported that retail investors poured an average of $1.51 billion per day into U.S. stocks in January 2023, which is the highest amount ever recorded. It is clear that the investment world is undergoing significant changes and with this evolution, the need for accurate global daytime coverage has increased.

Considering these changes in the investment landscape, accurate global daytime coverage has become increasingly necessary. CNBC Pro, CNBC's premium investing subscription product, is now offering a comprehensive set of features designed to provide traders and investors with valuable tools and resources to enhance their decision-making process.

This latest subscription presents a potentially powerful value proposition to traders and investors, combining premium access to stock picks and analyst calls, providing subscribers with exclusive analysis and recommendations from industry experts. This wealth of resources equips subscribers with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed investment decisions and stay ahead in the ever-changing world of finance.

Luckily, users can take advantage of this competitive product during the holiday season for a lower price than usual. CNBC Pro has a Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer of three months for $59.99, which renews into $299.99 annually, or a one year for $199.99, renewing into $299.99 annually.

The platform's powerful data visualization tools, like the Pro Stock Screener, assist subscribers in evaluating investment opportunities through charting, consensus ratings, analysts' updates and price targets. The analyst consensus tool helps investors by providing curated analyst ratings under each stock, giving a collective look at a stock's potential. Price targets provided by analysts also offer insight into a stock's perceived valuation. Additionally, advanced charting tools enable investors to analyze and visualize stock performance, supporting their decision-making process.

The platform also provides valuable insights and resources for wealth management and planning. Subscribers gain access to macro insights, which cover topics like long-term and short-term investing strategies, problem-solving ideas, and guidance on navigating market trends. This information can help investors make informed decisions about their portfolios. CNBC Pro also caters to family offices, offering resources for wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. This enables investors to allocate their wealth effectively and plan for a secure financial future.

CNBC Pro provides exclusive stories, articles and case studies produced by its editorial team, offering comprehensive and insightful coverage of the financial markets. Subscribers also have access to expert research and analysis, providing valuable insights into Wall Street trends and the latest financial news. To help traders and investors strategize for the trading day, CNBC Pro also offers the Pro Playbook. This resource is delivered directly to subscribers' inboxes every morning before the market opens to give traders a competitive edge before the bell rings.

In the fast-paced world of finance, having trusted tools and subscriptions can make a huge difference between getting lost in the crowd and making educated decisions. From live market coverage and exclusive video content to insights from industry experts, powerful data visualization tools, daily playbooks, and in-depth articles, CNBC Pro provides a comprehensive toolkit for informed decision-making. These features enable investors to stay updated, gain unique insights, make informed investment decisions, and potentially enhance the performance of their portfolios.

Learn more about CNBC Pro here.

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