Joy In Brand Marketing: Creative Strategies For Customer Engagement Guide Launch

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In its new guide, LO:LA shares four strategies that successful businesses employ to inspire joy in their customers, employees, and community. LO:LA argues that by fostering joy, businesses not only increase engagement, loyalty, and well-being but also promote innovation and collaboration.

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According to LO:LA, the first thing that successful businesses do to inspire joy is empower individuals to be creative. Whether it’s employees, customers, or other members of the community, encouraging them to express their perspectives and explore their imaginations often leads to increased motivation, productivity, and overall happiness.

In addition to encouraging creativity, LO:LA contends that businesses have to also establish an environment of acceptance and appreciation. This–in tandem with encouraging creativity–makes individuals feel like their ideas and contributions are welcomed and respected, and as a result, they may be more open to teamwork and cross-functional collaboration.

The environment–and the experiences within the environment–also need to delight individuals and connect with them emotionally. Similarly, products and services should reach individuals at a deeper level and resonate with them as this can lead to stronger brand affinity and longer-lasting relationships.

Lastly, LO:LA points out that successful businesses ignite the spark of joy in individuals outside of their immediate sphere. For example, they’ll start creative initiatives that ask for community involvement and contribution, and these initiatives will often become catalysts for positive change.

“While the benefits of creativity in driving tangible outcomes such as revenue, acquisition, and loyalty are well-known, the power of joy as a product should not be underestimated,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Joy is a catalyst for engagement and advocacy, and by recognizing its importance businesses can route a fun and meaningful journey for all stakeholders.”

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