NLSQL Introduces AI Analytics for Healthcare Excellence

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NLSQL revolutionises healthcare with its advanced NLP to SQL API. This technology enhances clinical decision-making via a chat interface to data. Seamlessly integrating with multiple databases and messengers, NLSQL stands out as a highly adaptable and versatile solution that outperforms traditional data analytics alternatives. 

London, UK, 15th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRENLSQL, a leading B2B SaaS provider for Retail and Manufacturing enterprises, has announced the release of its groundbreaking Natural Language Processing to SQL (NLP to SQL) API, which will provide healthcare organisations with simple text-based user interfaces to facilitate quicker and better clinical decisions. The interface aims to provide data security and compliance through NLSQL’s ground-breaking technology because it does not transport private information outside of the company’s IT infrastructure.

Image credits: NLSQL

By combining a user-friendly natural language interface to data and AI knowledge base helps clinicians make faster and more accurate clinical decisions, NLSQL is positioned to revolutionise healthcare operations, accelerate drugs discovery process and improve downstream complications predictions based on existing healthcare systems data. This is a huge step forward, especially for AI data analytics accessibility, genome sequence research simplification, drugs discovery and predictive treatment to improve patients outcomes.

The NLSQL Healthcare BI software offers immediate access to crucial data for all stakeholders within healthcare organisations, resulting in enhanced, personalised care for patients. The goal is to equip clinicians with precise predictions of downstream complications for patients receiving specific medications, diagnoses, and/or procedures during their hospital stay. Additionally, this software aims to provide researchers with a more efficient tool for genomic research and expedite the drug discovery process by rapidly identifying unsuccessful drug candidates, thereby saving valuable time and resources for clinical trials..

Medical professionals can use NLSQL to examine and make sense of data from any healthcare database or AI knowledgebase. It offers real-time data analytics , shortening the months-long process of finding specific data to only seconds. Because of NLSQL’s intuitive design, doctors can quickly access critical patient data, allowing for better, more individualised care.

NLSQL is a robust platform for querying databases with natural language, and the company has an ambitious future-gasing plan. NLSQL’s long-term goal is to produce a solution that is both very intelligent and all-encompassing, to the point where it can comprehend sophisticated queries and provide insights as quickly as a skilled analyst. NLSQL’s mission is to streamline and improve the effectiveness of data-driven decision making at all organisational levels.

NLSQL simplifies data access and decision-making without the need for technical expertise in order to query databases and generate personalised AI insights. Data-driven decisions are made more easily accessible to all team members thanks to the platform’s seamless interaction with popular messenger platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack and custom BI platforms with API integration.

By eliminating the requirement for an analyst to compile and analyse data, NLSQL enables immediate access to the required information. This makes it easier to trust the information at hand and empower the decision-making process.

For more information, sign up for a 30 days complimentary NLSQL trial available at Azure Marketplace.


NLSQL is a market-leading B2B software as a service (SaaS) provider that offers an easy-to-use natural language interface for gaining access to data and speeding up business decisions with AI insights. NLSQL’s cutting-edge text to SQL API allows businesses to make informed decisions with their data without jeopardizing privacy. The company’s efforts to improve clinical decision-making and advance more individualised patient care are central to its mission.

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