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The key to the era of ” Metaverse “: Modernizing Park Chain

Roblox, an online game creation platform, launched its “Metaverse” concept in March 2021, which instantly exploded the Internet industry. In the gaming industry, many International Game Technology companies have set up “Metaverse” businesses. Furthermore, traditional Internet giants have also started to pay attention and invest

11th Beijing International Film Festival Held a Press Conference, Officially Announced Shortlisted Films, the Jury, the First Batch of Films to be Screened and Various Major Events

Relevant press releases and materials can be downloaded through public mail Website: Account: [email protected]  Password: 2021Bjiff After logging in, click [Network Disk] to view the list of the latest uploaded press releases and related materials Contact person: Wu Yawen, mobile: 15260229632 The Beijing International