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Rising New First-line Transaction Platform: TREX

Currently, with the rapid development of global financial technology, blockchain technology has become widely-recognized new technology and new thought. It is irreversible trend to combine the traditional industry with the blockchain. Transaction and circulation of digital asset and price confirmation highly depend on the transaction

MetaPay-Open the Era of Meta Payment

Since the birth of mankind, we seem to have never experienced lasting peace and prosperity. We have tried our best to build one civilization after another, but because of lack of trust and coordination, it always disappeared immediately. In the evolution of the universe, humans have walked

Gaeacoin: Can “Algorithm + Credit” Rebuild the Value Foundation of DeFi?

Defi still has higher attention with rapid technological innovation and continuous expansion of application scope, The goal of DeFi is undoubtedly to build a more effective,free and transparent financial ecology. However, finance always develops with money and brings value exchange. Therefore, whether it is a decentralized scenario or a mass application toward reality in the

NEW EAR : Leading Ethereum Layer 2 Solution

Despite being six years old today, Ethereum, in all its glory, is still facing issues like scalability and pocket-burning gas fees. The network can address these concerns via two options – sharding and Layer 2 (L2) solutions. Though the network is trying hard to incorporate


Owing to the surge in blockchain revolutionary technology, which is disrupting virtually all spheres of human endeavors, including notably pertinent areas such as data and information. Apparently, this brings to fore the applicability of blockchain in resolving issues with a vital attention to communication as