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Monthly Archives: June 2021


Owing to the surge in blockchain revolutionary technology, which is disrupting virtually all spheres of human endeavors, including notably pertinent areas such as data and information. Apparently, this brings to fore the applicability of blockchain in resolving issues with a vital attention to communication as


Uncleblock is the world’s first user-friendly digital asset trading platform. The core team members come from well-known technology companies and financial companies. They are deeply involved in the blockchain technology community and traditional financial industry. ‘uncleblock’ is the nickname derived from community users. uncleblock has

The first DeFi yield aggregator Klaytn-Turk is officially launched

Project Introduction Turtle King Finance- The first DeFi yield aggregator on Klaytn mainnet is officially launched. Turtle King Finance Official Website: Turtle King Finance, as KLAYswap’s first yield aggregator is inspired by the successful Bunny project on Binance Chain. The Turtle King Finance platform currently supports

Quark Quark Quark is right here !

Slippage 10%,4% adding liquidity pool, 4% bonus of BNB;2% dividend of token Advantages of Quark 1.Active engagement by top bloggers A number of top Twitter bloggers recommend strongly, which directly radiating hundreds of thousands of followers. Chinese and foreign communities continue to enter into the market,