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The robot shows itself how to walk

Walking is a troublesome errand to learn. One of the all the more challenging aspects of building up a humanoid robot are getting it to walk like a human. A group of analysts has recently made a robot that had the option to show itself

NASA’s second free-flying assistant robot gets the opportunity to work

The International Space Station is crewed by more than astronauts nowadays – NASA activated a free-floating autonomous robot called ‘Bumble’ earlier this year, and now Bumble has a new friend called Honey. Both are Astrobee robots, cube-like “robotic teammates” for ISS astronauts, which are designed

Robot utilized in milestone cerebrum surgery

Robots are utilized in a variety of surgeries nowadays, yet the cerebrum has to a great extent been a restricted zone for robot partners in the OR. With the successful completion of an in-human robotic-assisted neurovascular intervention this month, that’s set to change. The surgery

New haptic arm places robotics within simple reach

Imagine having the option to fabricate and utilize a robotic gadget without the requirement for costly, specialist kit or skills. That is the vision that analysts from the University of Bristol have transformed into the real world, making a lightweight, reasonable and simple solution for