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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Keynes Cryptocurrencies MT5 trading platform

The development of cryptocurrency is unstoppable, and more and more investors are joining the cryptocurrency market. 2021.08, the global cryptocurrency market value reached $2 trillion,In Q2 of 2021, the number of global cryptocurrency users has reached 221 million, of which it took only four months

The new decentralized global transaction and clearing network protocol monster has succeeded in its public beta, which has attracted global attention

Looking at the global blockchain technology market, the DeFi protocol is innovating the financial market. These agreements can make financial solutions available to everyone. In addition, through the use of decentralization, innovative projects can add new features to the crypto industry. Monster, a new decentralized

OneCash: Empowering the Asian Digital Community

While Bitcoin continues to lead the pack in terms of market capitalization, it in fact isn’t the most traded cryptocurrency. Currently, the crown of crypto trading volume belongs to a stablecoin named USDT. If Bitcoin and Ether epitomize the blockchain space, then stablecoins are the