This flying robot vacuum beats the Roomba’s greatest weakness: stairs

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Regardless of how helpful the present robot vacuums are, they’ll always be defeated by an element regular to numerous households: stairs. That is the reason this flying robovac, worked by YouTuber and engineer Peter Sripol is so impressive. By including a trio of ducted fans to a modest robot vacuum, Sripol has made a gadget nerd’s fantasy — and a bad dream for individuals’ pets.

A flying Roomba isn’t a practical tool, however, as Sripol’s video illustrates. The downdraft made by its fans appears to make more mess than the vacuum itself cleans up, and the flying isn’t autonomous — people need a human pilot to steer it where they want to go. It’s likewise expensive, with Sripol noticing that the electronics he purchased for the project aggregate around $200, more than triple the expense of the original vacuum.

All things considered, it is a feasible proof-of-concept and shows that on the off chance that people truly need a Roomba that can explore stairs, they can simply strap a few propellors to it. What’s more, in any event, it’s more useful than the Roomba made by YouTuber Michael Reeves that screams when it chances upon things. Since it will truly urge people to simply find a workable pace some vacuuming themselves.

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