AgelessRx Expands Core Longevity Panel to Include Critical Lp(a) Testing, Enhancing Access to Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

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Ann Arbor, MI – AgelessRx, a leader in the field of preventive health and longevity, proudly announces a significant enhancement to its Core Longevity Panel with the addition of Lipoprotein(a) testing, commonly known as Lp(a). This expansion is a vital step forward in facilitating wider access to crucial cardiovascular risk assessments, empowering individuals to take proactive measures towards heart health.

Lipoprotein(a) is a key biomarker for cardiovascular health, linked to an increased risk of heart diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes. Historically, testing for Lp(a) levels has not been routine, often leading to significant gaps in heart disease prevention strategies. With this latest update to the Core Longevity Panel, AgelessRx addresses this gap by making Lp(a) testing more accessible to its clients.

“By integrating Lp(a) testing into our Core Longevity Panel, we are enhancing our ability to detect and address one of the most potent yet underappreciated risk factors for heart disease,” said Dr. Sven Benson, a cardiologist and advisor to AgelessRx. “This enhancement allows us to offer our clients a more comprehensive understanding of their cardiovascular health, enabling early and more effective intervention.”

The inclusion of Lp(a) testing is particularly important due to the genetic variation in Lp(a) levels, which can predispose individuals to higher risks of heart disease without them even being aware of it. The expanded panel is part of AgelessRx’s commitment to pioneering advancements in health technology and personalized medicine, aiming to extend healthspan and improve quality of life through science-backed prevention strategies.

“Our mission at AgelessRx is not only to extend life but to ensure those years are lived in health,” commented Anar Isman, the CEO of AgelessRx. “Expanding our Core Longevity Panel to include Lp(a) testing is a critical part of our strategy to empower individuals with knowledge about their health that can make a meaningful difference.”

AgelessRx invites healthcare providers and patients alike to explore the benefits of the expanded Core Longevity Panel and to take proactive steps in cardiovascular health management. The new testing option is now available as part of AgelessRx’s suite of services and can be accessed through their website. For those seeking more information on Lp(a)’s impact, there is a new blog post titled “Lp(a): The Best-Kept Secret to Heart Health,” that is now available on the AgelessRx website.

For additional information about the Core Longevity Panel and the new Lp(a) testing, or to schedule an interview with an AgelessRx health expert, please visit their website:

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