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Jupiter Project Secures 25M Commitment from GEM Digital Limited

Singapore, 16th Aug 2022, We are excited to announce our partnership with GEM Digital Limited. GEM has committed a facility to Jupiter Project with up to $25M in funding. Securing this investment commitment from GEM into Jupiter Project will allow the hiring of additional development

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Never Drink Expired Coffee: Tips for Fresh Brew

How fresh is your coffee? Are your K-Cups close to the expiration date? Here at KCupsforSale we are focused on our customers enjoyment of their coffee! Which is why we are now offering free shipping on all orders – no minimum needed. Hoboken, New Jersey,

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FlyFin Offers Free 1099 Tax Calculator To Help with Self-Employment Tax

San Jose, CA, August 16, 2022 — FlyFin, a fintech provider, unveiled a free 1099 income tax calculator ideal for individuals who receive 1099 Forms. Powered by FlyFin’s proprietary A.I. and M.L. technology, FlyFin’s 1099 Tax Calculator makes it easy for 1099 self-employed individuals to compute their quarterly or annual income

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KSN Token- The Next Biggest Growing Crypto

Satish Sangwan, Founder of KSN Token, says, “Cryptocurrency has taken public imagination by storm in the past two years. Its exchange rates with fiat currencies have fluctuated immensely, increased mechanisms for its purchase and usage have been adopted, and governments have taken an increasing interest in