Hubble Catches a Detailed Picture of Edge-On Spiral Galaxy NGC 3175

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NGC 3175 is an edge-on spiral galaxy situated in the constellation of Antlia.

Also called ESO 436-3, LEDA 29892 and UGCA 207, the galaxy is roughly 54 million light-years from Earth.

NGC 3175 was found on March 30, 1835, by the English cosmologist John Herschel.

The object is the eponymous individual from the NGC 3175 group of galaxies.

“Galaxy groups are some of the most common galactic gatherings in the cosmos, and they comprise 50 or so galaxies all bound together by gravity,” the Hubble astronomers explained.

“A galaxy group to which NGC 3175 belongs is a nearby analog for the Local Group, which contains our Milky Way Galaxy and around 50 others — a mix of spiral, irregular, and dwarf galaxies.”

“The NGC 3175 group contains a couple of large spiral galaxies: the subject of this image and NGC 3137.”

The group likewise contains a few low mass spiral galaxies and more than 500 dwarf galaxies.

As indicated by the cosmologists, NGC 3175’s dwarf neighbors are a lot littler than the dwarf satellites of the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.

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