Unlock Higher Returns at HTX Earn: Subscribe to 7-Day Shark Fin Every Thursday

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Super Gain, Shark Fin! HTX users can now log in to the HTX app to subscribe to Shark Fin on Thursdays.

Every Thursday, HTX users can subscribe to 7-day Shark Fin products for attractive passive income.

HTX Earn has undergone a brand-new upgrade, highlighted by Shark Fin. With a stunning and simple redesign as well as precise and smart filters, HTX continues to improve its Earn products for a better user experience.

Shark Fin: Bonuses are offered for higher gains

As the flagship product of HTX Earn, Shark Fin offers the highest 7-day yield in the industry, available for subscription every Thursday. Compared to other platforms, HTX regularly provides generous bonuses, ensuring its users enjoy tangible benefits.

The product is named Shark Fin because its yield curve resembles a shark fin. HTX's Shark Fin is an evolution of options products and its pattern can be either bullish or bearish. It features fixed settlement dates, floating APYs, and basic returns. Users' returns from Shark Fin are determined by the accuracy of their predictions about future market trends.

What sets Shark Fin apart is its ability to allow investors to pursue returns based on market fluctuations alongside basic returns. Its features and strengths include guaranteed principal, basic returns, higher returns on top of basic returns, short cycles that do not affect liquidity, and a combination of the advantages of American, European, and touch options.

Ideal Users of Shark Fin: Prudent Investors and Beginners Alike

With a low entry threshold, Shark Fin caters to a broad spectrum of investors, spanning the following categories:

1. Prudent investors: Shark Fin is a perfect choice for prudent investors who prioritize stability in their investments, as it protects their principal and offers basic returns.

2. Investors with moderate risk tolerance: If you aim for higher returns while maintaining investment stability, Shark Fin is an excellent choice.

3. Beginners: For novice investors, Shark Fin presents the advantage of basic returns, coupled with the opportunity to engage with potential yields through market fluctuations.

4. Entry-level options traders: Shark Fin is essentially an options product. It offers a practical way for investors to understand the mechanics and strategies of options trading before venturing into it. By investing in Shark Fin, investors can get a firsthand experience of how options work.

Currently, HTX Earn offers 7-day Shark Fin products and 3-day Shark Fin products. It is worth mentioning that a new "Auto-Renewal" feature for Shark Fin products will be introduced, enabling automatic subscription to the same product using your principal from the previous cycle. This eliminates the need for repetitive manual operations in each phase. As a structured product, Shark Fin offers users basic returns unaffected by market fluctuations, along with the protection of their principal. Users can make subscriptions by navigating to "HTX Earn" -> "Shark Fin" during the subscription period.

The Upgraded Shark Fin: Higher Gains, Excellent Products, and Enhanced Experience

The upgraded Shark Fin is ready for more users to try out. Here are the three advantages of choosing Shark Fin.

1. Higher Gains

HTX's Shark Fin offers notably higher returns than similar products on other platforms. Regular bonuses are provided to ensure users enjoy tangible benefits.

2. Excellent Products

HTX Earn boasts a comprehensive product matrix, including structured products like Shark Fin and Dual Investment, as well as upcoming offerings, providing users with a one-stop solution for products and services.

3. Enhanced Experience

The upgraded Earn pages are simpler, more user-friendly, smoother, and smarter. HTX Earn provides an enhanced user experience, precise product recommendations, and optimized crypto search for faster access to desired cryptos.

HTX Earn serves as a one-stop service platform for growing and managing virtual assets, presenting a range of products that align with users' requirements. It guarantees the utmost security of assets, thanks to the exchange's robust risk management system. HTX Earn is purpose-built to deliver top-tier assets for daily passive income, coupled with a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless and convenient wealth management experience.

About HTX

Founded in 2013, HTX has evolved over a decade from a simple cryptocurrency exchange to a comprehensive blockchain business ecosystem. This expansion covers a wide range of services including digital asset trading, financial derivatives, wallets, research, investments, incubation, and more. As a world-leading portal to Web 3.0, HTX is committed to a growth strategy focused on global expansion, ecological prosperity, wealth effect, and safety and compliance. This approach enables us to offer comprehensive, safe, and reliable services and value to virtual currency enthusiasts around the world, reinforcing our position as a global gateway to Web3.

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