Unveiling the Inaugural Global Protocol Report: A Comprehensive Analysis of Blockchain Protocols that is Poised to Aid WEB3 Decisions

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Crypto Oasis, Crypto Valley, the DLT Science Foundation and Inacta Ventures Join Forces in a Groundbreaking Initiative that Will Help Navigate the Blockchain Trilemma


  • The report has unprecedented transparency and clarity, granular insights, and an evolving analysis of DLT protocol attributes.
  • It will help industry experts and novices gain foundational knowledge on DLT concepts, WEB3 ecosystem infrastructure, the evolution of the Blockchain landscape, and the role of capital, talent, infrastructure, and regulations in WEB3 innovation.
  • The Global Protocol Report introduces a comprehensive framework for assessing the maturity of DLT protocols, facilitating informed decision-making with concise protocol fact sheets.
  • The report also reveals Switzerlands dominance with 68.58% of the share of market cap of top protocols per country, followed by Singapore at 13.93%.

The Global Protocol Report boasts some illustrious partners such as Coindesk Indices, Dialectic, DFINITY, Hedera, and Sui.

Davos, Switzerland, January 22, 2023 – (PlatoData via 500NewsWire) — Crypto Oasis, Crypto Valley, the DLT Science Foundation, and Inacta Ventures united to unveil the Global Protocol Report at The Hub of Casper Labs in Davos on the 17th of January 2024. It is an exhaustive examination of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) protocols that intends to empower decision-makers and policymakers with invaluable insights and data points, enabling them to plot their course in the burgeoning WEB3 space confidently.

The reports primary objective is to offer a nuanced understanding of prominent DLT protocols, exploring their strengths, weaknesses, and unique value propositions. The report has unparalleled depth and will delve into the foundational concepts of Distributed Ledger Technology. The subsequent sections delve into critical components of successful innovation, including the role of capital, infrastructure, and talent in advancing DLT protocols.

The report also addresses the intricate landscape of valuations and funding in the Blockchain sphere, focusing on critical aspects, including market cap distributions, revealing Switzerlands dominance with 68.58% of the share of the market cap of top protocols per country, followed by Singapore at 13.93%. In terms of numbers, 20 of the leading DLT protocols are based out of Switzerland, just one short of the 21 based out of the USA. Switzerlands leadership in the Crypto landscape is grounded in its renowned financial industry, known for security, neutrality, and privacy. This magnetism for digital asset holders has redefined the country as a centre for Crypto finance and decentralised technologies.

Ralf Glabischnig, Co-Founder of Crypto Oasis, highlighted the regulatory challenges in the Blockchain landscape, noting the significant variations globally. He emphasised Switzerlands stability and leadership in the Blockchain domain, stating, In the report we have explored the jurisdictions shaping the WEB3 landscape, analysing regulatory frameworks, infrastructure elements, and other factors influencing their favorability. Its challenging how regulations can vary so greatly depending on where you are in the world, involving different regions, legal jurisdictions, and governing bodies. Switzerland, being a prominent player in Blockchain, stands as a pillar of stability and one of the most popular jurisdictions for DLT protocols. The Global Protocol Report also details valuation models and funding mechanisms so stakeholders can make informed choices and contribute to a thriving ecosystem.

Glabischnig acknowledged that the European Unions introduction of the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) is a notable step towards creating a cohesive framework, potentially serving as a blueprint globally. Such a regulatory landscape underscores the importance of understanding and navigating diverse legal frameworks, making the Global Protocol Report an invaluable resource.

The report delves beyond the Blockchain trilemma, i.e., the scalability, security, and decentralisation trade-offs, shedding light on the emergence of side chains and second-layer solutions. This exploration unlocks new avenues for optimising performance and maximising user experience.

The Global Protocol Report marks a significant milestone in Blockchain research because it provides a comprehensive assessment framework for assessing the maturity of DLT protocols. This framework will allow readers to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of each of the selected protocols, facilitating comparison and identification of potential areas for improvement.

Commenting on the protocol maturity framework, Daniel Rutishauser, Partner, Head WEB3 Venture Building, Inacta Ventures said, In our daily work, we are using our assessment framework to select the protocol that best fits the requirements for a WEB3 solution. In this report, for the first time, we give some insights into it as guidance for others to successfully build WEB3 solutions. The Global Protocol Report is a game-changer for understanding DLTs. This is a data-driven roadmap with a clear framework for assessing protocol maturity that will empower decision-makers and policymakers in the intricate world of Blockchain technology. By shedding light on the technical complexities and financial dynamics of DLT protocols, the report paves the way for a more informed and responsible WEB3 future.

Each of the selected Blockchain protocols has been researched and graded on various attributes, including governance, performance efficiency, reliability, security, maintainability, usability, and adoption. The fact sheets for each protocol in the second part of the report include facts and figures such as the consensus mechanisms, transaction speeds, Tokenomics, etc.

The Global Protocol Report is a critical resource to understand the Blockchain landscape, offering a unique lens on the evolution of DLT protocols. It not only tracks the advancements in Blockchain technology but also provides a framework for assessing protocol maturity. Our collaboration in this report underlines the DLT Science Foundations dedication to fostering informed decision-making in the Blockchain arena, especially as we navigate the complexities of scalability, security, and decentralisation. This report is an essential guide for anyone committed to understanding and shaping the future of WEB3. said Paolo Tasca, Co-Founder and Chairman of the DLT Science Foundation.

A unique aspect of the Global Protocol Report is its commitment to being an evolving and dynamic resource. Regular updates will incorporate new trends and developments, allowing for a time series analysis and showcasing major shifts in the protocol landscape over time. This ensures users have access to a resource that remains current, providing a valuable lens for assessing the evolving maturity and potential of individual protocols.

We are excited to be included in the first edition of the Global Protocol Report, providing digital asset market intelligence through meticulously crafted research, said Alan Campbell, President of CoinDesk Indices. As a firm dedicated to rigorous research and thoughtfully constructed indices, we are pleased to partner with Crypto Oasis and Inacta Ventures as they further the global Crypto economy through education.

The Global Protocol Report stands as a beacon of clarity in the ever-shifting landscape of WEB3. This essential resource promises to fuel the development of a more robust and thriving DLT ecosystem. The Global Protocol Report is an invitation to explore, understand, and shape a future powered by distributed ledger technology.

Download the Global Protocol Report today and embark on your own journey of discovery within the ever-evolving Blockchain landscape.

You can download the report at https://cryptooasis.ae/globalprotocolreport2024/

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