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Daily Archives: March 26, 2024

NAVEX 2024 Global Incident Management Benchmark Study Reveals Significant Third-Party Reporting to Companies

–News Direct– NAVEX, the global leader in integrated risk and compliance management software, has released its 2024 Whistleblowing & Incident Management Benchmark Report. The annual benchmark report offers valuable insights into workplace culture, analyzing trends from 1.86 million global reports spanning thousands of organizations that

Gagarin 2.0! Linking Liquidity Between TON-BNB

Victoria, Seychelles – Gagarin 2.0 introduces enhanced tokenomics, updated refund policies, additional perks for Tier holders, and linked liquidity between TON-BNB. Plus, it’s all open for everyone to use. This open-source solution enables any project to seamlessly bridge their token between TON and any EVM

Level Up Cyber Skills As Skillweed Academy and Cympire Join Forces

United States, 25th Mar 2024 – In a world where cyber threats loom large, Skillweed Academy and Cympire are teaming up to revolutionize cybersecurity training. This groundbreaking partnership combines Skillweed Academy’s expertise in online education with Cympire’s cutting-edge platform for immersive, hands-on cybersecurity training. “With